SEO Rank - Domain DA PA Bulk Checker

This is our new service for SEO enthusiast. This tool will check your domain DA and PA in Bulk mode. You can check thousands of your domains in one click. 

SEO Rank Domain Checker use MOZ API. To use this tool, you had to provide MOZ AccessID and SecretKey. To get that, you must register at Moz community and get the AccessID and SecretKey. 

We didn't save your AccessID and SecretKey

After you had MOZ Credentials, You can insert the code into the form fields and check your domains. 

We build this tool to provide a great tool for SEO enthusiast, as we know there are a lot of Domain DA PA checker but their services are limited to some amount of domains. In here we had no limit. However, use it with your own risk. We not provide any guarantee about the service. Since it can check massive amount of domains. 

I hope this service can be useful for us. 


diKode - Indonesian Digital Marketplace

It's time for digital media to be boomed at Indonesia. To follow the trends at Indonesian market, we are developing a Marketplace for Digital Products. We call it diKode - Digital Kode Marketplace

Like others marketplace, at diKode people can register and sell their digital products, like Plugins, Themes, Apps, and more. We allow them to upload their products and sell it here, with sharing profit around 70-30%, 70% for them and 30% for us. People can also make their product free to download upon register. It's easy to register and simple. 

We want to make Indonesian digital ecosystem to be good and better, we build this marketplace to fulfill their needs. 

I hope this Indonesian digital marketplacecan make change to the Indonesian digitalpreneur ecosystem.

Domain [NS] Cloud Manager

Domain NS Cloud Manager Dashboard

Our latest new project is developing and maintaining the Domain[NS] Cloud Manager. This is a domain cloud manager, this application was developed to maintain and managing domain with simplicity. This application was built integrated with Bind9on Linux

For you who work with multiple domain and had many servers, our biggest problem is managing the users, domain and changing IP with ease. By using this Domain NS Cloud Manager, we can maintain the users, and domain so easy. You can divide the domain by it's NS Group, which had every NS had different IP's. So the domain will had different IP based on the nameserver.

Domain NS Cloud Manager NS GroupBy adding NS Group, we will have and by default. The ipv4and ipv6was set by our Domain NS Cloud IP's. 

We can set which IPv4 and IPv6 the domain will be pointed to. We also add Google Webmasters Tools verification form to add it at te Bind Zone as TXT.

Every domain had their, IP settings, we can set it manually one by one or set it automatically at the NS Group. 

Domain NS Cloud Manager User FrontendThe Domain Manager user Frontend was simple and no distraction. We can manage the domain by Add the Domain, Search Domain, Remove Domain. But users are not allowed to change the IP's. All IP managements are maintained by Admin at the backend. 

User Diagram

We can add users as many as we want. And the users can add domain as many as they want. Adding domain is so simple. Users can add it in bulk, paste the list of domains per line, and add it into the database. The application will create the domain one by one in background, so adding the domain will fast.